The workshop at PE Mental Health with Ross Landy and Gillian McAinsh at the right

Talk at PE Mental Health

Autism Eastern Cape committee members gave a talk at PE Mental Health on 28 September on Asperger syndrome and relationships to an audience of social workers.

PE Mental Health started the workshop with a screening of the feature film Temple Grandin after which the floor was open for questions and answers.

Animal science specialist Dr Grandin, now 71, revolutionised how cattle are managed in the United States. She is also one of the best known advocates for an increased understanding – and acceptance – of the challenges and gifts which can come with autism.

Gillian McAinsh and Ross Landy outlined a few of the challenges that ASD individuals can face, and how social workers could look out for cues to assist families in dealing with these.

The social workers were from several organizations, including the Department of Social Development, PE Mental Health, the Life hospital group, the CMR and private practice.


Gillian McAinsh and Ross Landy address the social workers in the Asperger’s workshop held at PE Mental Health on 28 September

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