Our Mission

Autism Eastern Cape  aims to give information and support to families living with autism. It is a registered non-profit organisation and has an NPO number.

The organisation aims to cater for education, training and welfare of persons with autism and related disorders.


Understanding Autism

Autism is not uncommon: it is estimated that nearly 1 in 68 children born today may be diagnosed with ASD (statistic from CDC, Atlanta, 2014). Autism is around 4 times more likely to be diagnosed in boys than girls.

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You Can Help 

You can make a difference to the life of someone with autism. If you have a little time to share or you are able to assist financially – let us know how we can work together to be part of the solution. Thank you!

How you can help
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Casual Day pictures 2016

Compsol played ball on Casual Day on September 2 and really got into the spirit of the day. Autism Eastern Cape says a big thank you to the staff at Compsol,

Casual Day action

Megan Minnaar of Ricochet Publishing supported Casual Day for Autism Eastern Cape Friends and supporters across the city made a plan to "Up Your Game" for Casual Day by buying a sticker to

Christmas in July high tea a hit

Autism Eastern Cape raised just over R10,000 at our Christmas in July themed high tea held at St John church hall in Walmer. Port Elizabeth singers and comediennes Niqui Cloete-Barrass and Annaline Stiglingh

“It seems that for success in science or art, a dash of autism is essential,” – Hans Asperger